January: A Renewed Beginning

Here we are once again in January! Today, I’m snuggled up in flannel and wool, sipping cup after cup of hot tea (Earl Grey Supreme, my personal favorite). Be it a gray day with temperatures dropping hourly, I’m cozy inside, at rest, and with time to ponder Ephesians and my Savior.

My faithful companion snoozes on his little rug beside my desk. Sometimes his steps are not as quick as they once were. Sometimes his hearing and eye sight isn’t as sharp as it once was (unless a “cookie” treat slides across the floor). Still, he always loves his walks, and after this morning ‘s adventure, he is glad to be inside again, too. His gentle breathing reveals a heart at rest.

Is your heart at rest, too, beloved one? (more…)


Imprints and Other Images

Think way back–or to last week if you’re still in school! Remember finding the author, publisher, place of publication, and date for the book you were using for that pesky bibliography? These days, it’s easy to plug in the info on an auto-formatting site, but you still need to have the info.

That info is called an imprint. It’s the information about the maker–the one who causes something to exist, to be, and defines its being.

The other day, I had a run-in with a different imprint maker, deep in the heart of an upstairs closet. There I was, sitting on the floor, pushing aside hanging clothes. and rearranging heavy bins. Suddenly, something bright caught my eye.


MaD aS a maRCh HaRe!

Ever heard that phrase? I remember it from long ago, and it always seemed to give me a giggle, thinking about some crazy rabbit running around in circles or leaping over boxwoods as soon as the calendar flipped to March.

Now, I’m “All Grown Up”–or at least as grown up as I can be so far–and I know that rabbits don’t follow calendars, but that got me to thinking…that and a concert I attended a few days ago.

Three of my friends and I drove a couple of hours south and went to a wonderful Christian concert featuring several fantastic bands and musicians. It was a time beyond wonderful. We enjoyed the music and each had our favorites. We did agree on one thing though–we loved looking around the arena and seeing so many people praising and glorifying God and Jesus. We were so thankful to have been a part of that. Those musicians were truly using their gifts to praise and glorify God and Jesus.

What does attending and listening to some Christian musicians have to do with a mad March hare? Good question! There’s no wild March hare here, but enter my wild March idea:

What if EACH ONE OF US used our gift to praise and glorify God and Jesus? Can you imagine the difference that would make? Instead of lives centered on ourselves and what we’re doing and how we’re doing, we’d have lives centered on God and what he’s doing and how Jesus did it! It’s really living 1 Corinthians 10:31: “So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

Bakers could make cookies or cakes in the shapes of hearts and pipe Jesus Loves You on the frosting and hand them out. Friendly folk could share their joy in the grocery line, at the gas pump, and with the home-bound. Artists could draw or paint or mold or carve things to illustrate scripture. Businessmen and women could pray with their teams before meetings and presentations. Moms and Dads could take their children on walks and talk about God’s wondrous works. We may not all be stage musicians, but we all can sing along using the gift God gave us.

What would it look like for you? Leave a comment–I really want to know!

It really doesn’t seem like such a crazy idea after all.