About Ellen

Thank you for visiting and reading this blog.  It is my prayer that you will be refreshed and encouraged in your daily walk with Christ.  I am wife to a happy, pun-speaking husband, a mom of two (a son in college and a daughter who’s graduated), a volunteer, a friend, and a servant of the Lord in all of those relationships.  I look forward to sharing with you my daily walk with Christ~as well as the moments when I trip, skip, and run.

5 thoughts on “About Ellen

  1. What a precious way to connect with you…from so far away. I love, love, love the falling snow on the site. I can totally relate to the what-to-wear blog. I plan my week’s clothes each Sunday night so that I don’t have to think about what to wear each morning. But there are those odd days, once in a while, when the weather or the chosen item doesn’t cooperate and then my bed, too, is heaped, I am late and flustered. I think the problem is too many clothes from which to choose….blessing that can lead to stressing! Love you!

    • Thank you SO MUCH, Beth, for your kind words. Yes, too many clothes takes too much time and fewer clothes means greater peace. I’m thinning my closet in January and looking forward to it!

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