A Plan for Resolutions

Heads up! 2016 is fast approaching! And a new year always seems closely followed by those pesky, risky resolutions, doesn’t it? Well, have no fear.

Come along with me on my most recent Kroger expedition. There I was, blearily combing the aisles for potential Christmas stocking stuffers (and trying to maintain a safe distance from the cookie aisle, the frozen pie aisle, and the bakery section). I grabbed a pack of pens for our son and then I saw it:

The Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner for the Year of 2016 !!!

2016 Daily Planner-500x500

I grabbed that planner off the shelf. It was the Sue Hooley Daily Planner. Quickly, I leafed through the tabbed sections:

  • Year
  • Months
  • Weeks (with a task list section and a space for menus!!)


  • Tasks
  • Projects and Events
  • Info (names, numbers, and addresses)
  • Shopping (perforated lists you can take with you)

The possibilities seemed unlimited!

  • Suddenly, late birthday cards would be a forgotten regret.
  • The daily dilemma of “what’s for dinner?”–solved.
  • Tasks would be noted and in clear view.
  • Assorted notes for incomplete and ongoing projects have one home.
  • Leaking drain? Fizzled light fixture? No problem! Just let me check the Info section for the phone numbers.
  • And would I aimlessly wander the Kroger aisles ever again?

(Well, to be honest, I probably would. I find it relaxing in a funny way–and sometimes I find some interesting things to try.)

But the best thing would be that when I went to make chili (slated for Thursday night’s dinner, let’s say), I wouldn’t start chopping onions and browning ground beef only to realize I had no canned tomatoes or kidney beans! The Shopping List would carry me through. (And if I hit a bump and it didn’t, I could still improvise, like old times, a.k.a. this past year.)

Yes, it went in my cart and it’s now open on my desk. But I haven’t told you the best thing about it yet!

Every section has an inspirational Christian quote,


and every week has a Bible verse written in a beautiful font!


In this 2016 planner, each Bible verse contains a “let”, helping us keep Jesus Christ at the center of our year–month and week by month and week, task by task, project by project and even aisle by aisle in the grocery.

It was more than I could’ve hoped for even. Something useful that would also draw me closer to Jesus! Thank you, Sue Hooley!

I encourage you to look it over at HomeMakers. Let’s have a great and organized year together, keeping Jesus Christ at the center.

We’ll close with the verse Sue (I’m sure we’d be friends!) has put on the cover of her most wonderful Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner. It’s not a “let” verse, but it is true in every event, for every task, and on every day of the year:

Hebrews 13:8  “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.”



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