It’s Allergy Season: God Bless You!

Allergy season is in full bloom here–and I have the stopped up-but-runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, and coughing to prove it!

This is the world I’m living in:

Outside, flowers bloom. Trees have leafed out. Birds sing and the sun shines.

Inside, my eyes are too red to put in my contacts (it’s kind of like living in an Impressionistic painting) and my head is so stuffy it can’t begin to understand the incongruity of a nose that is stopped up but also runs. And why do I usually sneeze three times in a row? Who could doubt that we are fearfully and wonderfully made?! Please pass the tissues!

Yet even amidst this momentary affliction, there are blessings:

  • Eye drops and cold compresses.
  • Antihistamines and tissues with lotion.
  • Chemists, biologists, pharmacists, drugstores, delivery trucks, national highways…
  • Our air-conditioned home with its large window looking out on over the back yard and the beautiful (but deadly!) green and blooming world.
  • An eternal home, dare I say–with no allergens! (John 14:2, 3)
  • People who say, “God bless you”

There may be several weeks of sneezing still ahead for me. I’ll press on, tissue in hand. And when some kind soul responds to a sneeze with “God bless you,” I will smile and thank them. Then, I will remember each of those blessings and gratefully, humbly say, “He has.”