Another winter storm?  Yikes!  More snow!  More wind!  More single digit temps!

If you can believe me, (and you can, dear friend), we are actually pulling for more winter snow here.  Our son is hoping for major inches (a.k.a. “No School”).  Our dog, Teddy, an inside dog who loves the cold, would be ecstatic if permitted to snuffle around in more snow.   My husband and I agree it would only make watching the Olympics more realistic!  Beyond our hopes, we also are physically prepared.  Indoors, all food groups have been represented thanks to an expedition to the nearby densely-packed grocery.  Now–home with the bounty–bread, canned soup, canned fruit, and cereal fill our pantry shelves.  There’s also plenty of tea and hot chocolate.  Extra milk and cheese are in the refrigerator and meat and veggies are stockpiled in the freezer.  We even have a supply of our own variety of vitamin C–chocolate!  Outdoors, snow shovels and a broom are on stand-by, and my helpful husband has agreed to pick up a bag of snow-melt on his way home from work. We’ve also thought about entertainment–for both power and no power situations!  Ipods and laptops are charged.  There are puzzles and games and books in abundance.  if we’re willing to throw one of Teddy’s favorite toys, he is always up for racing down the hall chasing it.  He has a bedraggled fox, an oddly mottled kitten (my husband insists it’s a panther–much fiercer), and his favorite–a mangy squirrel.

Whew!  We are ready!  All this preparation has taken a whopping…

3 hours, and that includes a bath for Teddy. That’s not really a lot of preparation time, is it?  Packing for a trip takes me longer! Preparing Thanksgiving dinner takes longer!    And think of Noah.  Now THAT was major storm preparation!   Genesis chapters 7 through 9 tell the story of Noah, the flood, the ark, their safe deliverance, and God’s covenant. Reading through it, I’m struck by the repetition of the phrase, “And Noah did all that the Lord had commanded him.”  Even though there was to do, It seems that the preparation wasn’t the main thing for Noah: obeying God was.  

I am always in awe of how God and His word can put life in perspective.  Aren’t you?


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