The Countdown Begins!

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It’s 5 hours and 45 minutes until our daughter’s flight bringing her home from college is to arrive at the airport!  I have errands still to run and a to-do list at home that, in length, resembles Santa’s list of little children.  I’ve been scurrying around inside like a little mouse darting from hole to hole, except that I’m going from room to room.  In the laundry room, I spied a stashed Christmas gift that needed wrapping.  So up to the table I went, whipping out the paper, tags, bows, and–opps!–where’s the tape?!  Of course, it’s on the kitchen counter, so off I go.  Once I’m in the kitchen, I see a couple dirty dishes that need to be washed.  Washing them reminds me that I really could use a manicure–but there’s definitely no time for that today–so I move on drying the dishes and the take the tape to the table.  I finish wrapping the package and place it under the tree.  Ahhh…the tree!  It’s just beautiful, an angel on top and covered in shiny ornaments and lights–LIGHTS!    Seeing the lights reminds me that I have Christmas lights to hang in our daughters room!  And now she’ll be here in 5 hours and 30 minutes!  

What’s a mom to do?  Philippians 4:6-7 has our answer: “Don’t worry over anything whatever; whenever you pray tell God every detail of your needs in thankful prayer, and the peace of God, which surpasses human understanding, will keep constant guard in your hearts and minds as they rest in Christ Jesus.”

Well, before this mom does another thing, gets distracted by another to-do, or writes another blog post,  she’s going to finish this post, close her laptop, turn off the music, bow her head, close her eyes, and pray.  That’s a countdown to the best moment made possible by our loving Savior.  Won’t you join me?


2 thoughts on “The Countdown Begins!

  1. Ellen,
    Thank you so much for sending us your blog address. We’re in the process of getting ready to attend Jake’s Jazz Concert at Grissom tonight and then packing for our trip to Birmingham in the morning, but wanted to take a few minutes out to read your blog.
    I just love the gentle snow flakes floating down the page as I read, just watching them has a calming effect, it seems. Love that you share your thoughts as you go through each busy day, but with the acknowledgement that we must never be too involved in our lives to turn to our Father in prayer.
    I’ll be checking back often.

    Much Love,

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