What Would Jesus Wear?

Just what would Jesus wear–in our day, in December, when the weather erratically rises to a 65 degree high with even higher humidity and full sun?  I was in such a quandary this morning. Several items were on my day’s agenda.  I was meeting with a couple of other dear moms to pray for our children in school.  Then I needed to zip home, pick up our dog, Teddy, and whisk him off to the vet.  After getting my family out the door, I was quickly in and out of the shower and soon wearing the items I’d put out the night before, but something was wrong.  I was hot!  My outfit–a turtleneck, a wool sweater, a skirt, and tights–was just too much.  So off it came!  Ever been there?  (Please tell me you have!)  I quickly pulled a blouse out of the closet, and so it began.  Back and forth I went–for longer than I’d like to admit.  Nothing seemed to come together except the growing pile of discarded clothes on our bed.  Soon, it was time to leave the house to meet with the other moms.  I chided myself that “Enough is enough!” and I was heading out the door just as I was dressed at that moment–black cords, a deep pink plaid flannel shirt, and a favorite black cable-knit cardigan accessorized with a couple of mostly-hidden moth holes.  It was ok but nothing to rave about, serviceable but nothing more.   And do you know what?  It was totally fine. Those dear Christian friends welcomed me with open arms.  As God looked on me in prayer, He saw His beloved child, robed in Christ.  What a silly goose I had been this morning, fussing over something that really didn’t matter.  Perhaps wearing black on a day I was to transport a white dog to the veterinarian wasn’t the best choice, but all in all it really was fine.  After all, I love our dog, and his fur brushes off.  

It all comes back to my perspective.

What is most important in that moment?  Picking the right outfit or being on time to support, encourage, and pray with some other moms?  Worrying over some dog fur on my black cords or loving and reassuring a frightened pet at the veterinarian?  Hebrews 3:13 says, “Encourage one another daily,” and Proverbs 12:10 says “The righteous care for the needs of their animals.” 

So, what would Jesus wear?  I think He’d put something on and not give it another thought.  1 Peter 5:5 encourages us to “clothe [ourselves] with humility toward one another” and Romans 13:14 instructs us to “clothe [ourselves] with the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Humility and Christ.  I can’t think of a better outfit.


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